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ICS Asset Management Services, Inc. is an asset appraisal company located in Alpharetta, Ga. ICS provides certified field appraisals, desktop opinions, and collateral evaluations We provide certified field appraisals of machinery, equipment valuation, economic damages, collateral evaluations, intangible assets, and inspections related to transfers of ownership, damage, finance and leasing, insurance, liquidation, arbitration, ad valoreum (property tax), eminent domain, and charitable contributions.


ICS Asset Management Services clients are Commercial Lenders, Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Lenders,Commercial Equipment Leasing Companies, Business Brokers, Insurance Companies and Business owners. They  look to ICS for fast, accurate, and timely appraisals. These appraisals are used for mergers and acquisitions, purchase price allocation, business valuations, partnership buyouts, business dissolutions, bankruptcy appraisals, auction value, local government, and IRS valuations, and to establish asset-based lines of credit.


  • Commercial Equipment
  • Auction Items
  • Medical Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Manufacturing
  • Plastics
  • Woodworking
  • Machine Shop
  • Processing & Restaurant
  • Food
  • Rubber
  • Foundry Machinery
  • Construction
  • Textile
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Printing
  • Steel Mill
  • Metalworking
  • Chemical
  • and more

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What is the Purpose of an Appraisal?

Any business that has personal property may need an appraisal for:

  • Allocation of Purchase Price
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Valuations
  • Condemnations
  • Cost Studies
  • “C” to “S” Conventions
  • Dissolution
  • Estate Planning
  • Incorporation
  • Loan or Refinancing
  • Mergers
  • Insurance Loss Settlement
  • Management Considerations
  • Taxation – Ad Valorem
  • Insurance Replacement Value
  • Partership Formation
  • Purchase/Sale
  • Surplus Disposition

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