If a desktop appraisal for equipment or machinery that is owned by your business but is not available for inspection, there are steps that you can take to get the most from your desktop appraisal.

Provide as much information as possible – Keeping detailed records of each piece of equipment is the best way to get a good desktop appraisal. Things that are especially helpful are: the make and model, the manufacture year, special features, and any other identifying details. This will give your appraiser a good place to start searching the market for comparable equipment.

Keep good maintenance records – Knowing run hours and how well a piece of equipment has been maintained is very important for providing as accurate an appraisal as possible.

Provide Pictures – As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures can show the condition of equipment and give your appraiser a better tool for matching your equipment with like equipment in the market.

While an inspection-based appraisal is always your best bet, sometimes you have to settle for a desktop appraisal. By providing your certified equipment appraiser with as much information as possible about each piece of equipment, you can get the best possible appraisal without an inspection. ICS can complete equipment and machinery appraisals, whether certified inspection based or desktop, please consider us for all your appraisal needs. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appraisal, call us today at (800) 536-7376.