A desktop appraisal is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. These appraisals are done without the benefit of an inspection and are based on information that is provided by the owner of the equipment. Desktop appraisals can be certified if done by a qualified appraiser. Still, they are often considered less reliable and informative than an appraisal that includes an inspection of your equipment or machinery.

That said, we would recommend to all of our clients that they have an inspection based appraisal for the best results. However, there are times when a Desktop Appraisal is more practical for the business owner. For instance, if you have a large fleet of vehicles or construction equipment, and it’s located in another state or is frequently moved away from your main yard, it may make sense to have a desktop appraisal. A desktop appraisal is also useful in hypothetical situations, like when you are building a new facility and need to know the value of new equipment, or if you are researching the purchase of equipment that is owned by another party. Other times that a desktop appraisal is useful is if the equipment has been lost in a fire or due to theft. While you will get a more accurate value from an inspection appraisal, sometimes it just isn’t possible. In these cases, a desktop appraisal will work just fine.