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Why Normal Useful Life Matters for Equipment Valuation

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As a business owner, your equipment is more than just metal and plastic; it's the backbone of your operations, fuel for your productivity, and a key contributor to your bottom line. So, understanding its value is crucial. But equipment valuation isn't just about slapping a price tag on it; it's about understanding its normal useful life (NUL). Why

The IRS & Non-Cash Charitable Donations

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There are many requirements to consider with the IRS & non-cash charitable donations. Non-Cash charitable donations by a business entity can be a red flag to the IRS unless done right! The Internal Revenue Service follows specific requirements regarding the valuation of donated properties and the substantiation of charitable contribution deductions. Recently, a client had

Meet Dawn Moesser, ASA Certified Appraiser and Founder of ICS

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Meet Dawn Moesser, ASA Certified Appraiser and Founder of ICS Dawn Moesser, President of ICS Asset Management Services, Inc. is an ASA certified appraiser of Machinery & Technical Valuations providing certified appraisal services in the areas of construction, heavy machinery and medical equipment to the small business and SBA financial lending markets. Now in its

Successful Acquisitions Include Equipment Appraisals

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Successful acquisitions include equipment appraisals. Sellers almost invariably overestimate the value of their equipment. The only way to get an accurate estimate is through a professional, industry-specific certified equipment appraisal, the results of which probably will be surprising to many. The surprise I’m referring to here is usually not a pleasant one. I can't tell

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