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A Look at Assets Appraised for Commercial Loans

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When it comes to commercial loans, real estate often takes center stage. But what about businesses that don't rely heavily on physical property? At ICS Asset Management Services, we understand that a company's value extends beyond its walls. We specialize in appraising a wide range of assets that can serve as collateral for commercial loans, giving

Choosing the Right Medical Equipment Appraisal for Your Needs

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The landscape of medical equipment is complex, constantly evolving, and often expensive. With such high-value assets, understanding their true worth is crucial for various stakeholders within the healthcare industry. This is where medical equipment appraisals come in, providing an objective assessment of value based on specific needs. But did you know there's not just one type? Choosing

Understanding Normal Useful Life of Medical Equipment

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In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, medical equipment plays a vital role in diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. However, these instruments aren't immortal. They have a normal useful life, a period where they function reliably and meet industry standards. As an asset appraisal company, we know this lifespan is crucial for healthcare providers, manufacturers, and asset appraisers.

How to Determine the Value of Used Medical Equipment

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Medical equipment can be expensive, especially if you are buying it new. If you are on a budget, buying used medical equipment can be a great way to save money. However, it is vital to determine the value of used medical equipment before you buy it to ensure you are getting a fair price. Learn

How Does a Machinery Appraisal Factor into a Business Dispute?

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Whether you're dealing with the breakup of a partnership or a lawsuit, a certified machinery & equipment appraisal will provide you with tools to prove the value of your equipment from those who would inflate or deflate its value for their own benefit. But exactly how does this type of appraisal impact your machinery value,

The IRS & Non-Cash Charitable Donations

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There are many requirements to consider with the IRS & non-cash charitable donations. Non-Cash charitable donations by a business entity can be a red flag to the IRS unless done right! The Internal Revenue Service follows specific requirements regarding the valuation of donated properties and the substantiation of charitable contribution deductions. Recently, a client had

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